About us

Dear Customer!


Our webshop is a family owner business. Everyone of our family takes something special for the webshop is getting better. One of ours can purchase the products; and other can customize the web-design; and the youngest can wear the clothes which is made of own yarns.


In the yarn-storm we have already been on the using yarn side. Now it is the time to let us appear on the sale side. The requirements are coming that the home-made products can be made more complete by raw materials which are corresponded to our expectations. It is not enough to work with natural materials, but we need to know their way until arriving us. It is important that we distribute the sustainable produced and made of natural material yarns.


Our webshop offers the high-quality raw materials for knitting, crocheting, making yarn and felting. The high-quality is guarantied by brands. We bring you special yarns, those are used around the world and those meet our principles. Those are yarns that you would like to try and want to use. The organic products are at the top of our product range. Our mission, that the environmental awareness can be confirmed by selling our products.


We are glad to any suggestions: the recognitions make us happy, while the constructive criticisms make us to develop for better serving our Customers.


In the spirit of above we welcome to all who wants to create something special, unique.


Have a nice shopping and working!


Andrea Halasi and János Németh

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